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Distributors and partners 

We are also seeking cross-industry partnerships.


We are the leading brands in the nutritional field for more than 30 years with a lot of channel experiences. We are not only a supplier of safety products, but also a reliable partner for your long-term cooperation.

Global distribution

International trade

Both import and export products from overseas,“To stay honesty, to keep professional, to be innovative, and to lead in research & development”


Many years’ experience in OEM and ODM services is definitely made us a great partner for you to trust!


Provide relative services through the Internet to meet your requirements.

Customized service

With strict process and excellent product quality, Dandelion obtained ISO22000 and HACCP food safety management system for quality assurance. Provide you the best Customized service.

Expert in preventive medicine

Our comprehensive line of products is suitable from 0-year-old to 100-year-old including health food certified by Food and Drug Administration.  Our products also have TV commercials in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Professional R & D team

With our strong pharmaceutical background, solid professional team and globalized consulting group, we not only exceed in new product development, but also pay careful attention to product safety, quality, and academic accuracy.

Diversified Business Model

Our partner: Distributor, OEM/ODM, retailer, dealer in Hong Kong (Top 2 Brand), Macau, China and ASESN counties. Business channel includes hospital, clinic, pharmacy, drug stores, organic stores, super/hyper-market, healthy food stores, baby and mommy stores, convenience stores, E-commerce, multilevel and/or direct selling.

Symbolizes the tenacious vitality and indomitable spirit; It symbolizes that the company's life spreads everywhere and leaves everywhere.

Based in Taiwan, with a fervent mind to the mainland, and with Asia Pacific in mind, Dandelion Health Co. is committed to promoting the company’s excellent products to the world so that people can obtain high-quality nutritional products and health products at a reasonable price, maintain a healthy body, and enjoy good health. quality of life.


Safety & Efficacy

We develop natural and safety products with high efficiency.


Stay honesty, Keep professional, Be innovative

We are all about creating a joyful and quality lifestyle for you and your family through bringing safe and effective healthcare products.

International Certification

Most of our international manufacturers are also certified by Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) such as BRC in England and IFT in Germany, which represents the most complete standard for food safety. Besides, our European manufacturers also meet the EUROPA - Regulation (EC) No 852/2004, one of the stickiest food act systems in the world.

Your most reliable business partner

Fully experienced in agency, OEM, distribution, e-commerce

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Expertise in functional nutrition foods since 1988. Trusted by more than 1,500  medical expertise throughout Asian Pacific.Designated nutrition foods of medical centers.


“To stay honesty, to keep professional, to be innovative, and to lead in the research & development”, this has been the way of Glory Kingdom for more than 30 years and will never end in the future. We will continue to deliver exceptional service, superior products, and to be a part of your joys of health, wellness and growth. This is how we put that belief into practice each and every day!


DandeLion Health Co.
Hours of operation: 09:00-18:00
TEL:+886-2-25027755 #3001

Getting Here

  • By MRT:10 minutes walking from Exit 2 of Nanjing Fuxing Station; 10 minutes walking from Exit 1 of Songjiang Nanjing Station.

  • By Bus: Take the 604 bus and walk for 5 minutes.

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